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From Guillaume Belrose <kafe...@gmail.com>
Subject Using JCR to implement an -indexed and searchable- event log
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 15:29:31 GMT
'Hi all,

I've been implementing a light weight media asset management service
using JackRabbit which will soon be rolled out in production to
customers. The service provides a RESTful HTTP interface to allow
clients to organize media assets in "folders" which are implemented as
JCR nodes with custom properties. I would like to be able to keep
track of important events such as creation and deletion of assets so
that those actions can be indexed and searched for by an

I was thinking of storing each core event as a jcr node with
properties to record time-stamp and various type information and I am
wondering if this is suitable approach.I am aware that JackRabbit
struggles to scale if a given node contains a large (i.e. over 10000 )
number of children nodes. I guess to go around this problem, I could
store events by using a node structure modelled after the date (year
--> month --> day) when events occur. This would certainly limit the
number of nodes to be stored at any given level.

I am wondering if people in the community have used JackRabbit to
implement such a searchable event log feature before.

Thanks in advance,


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