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From Rakesh Vidyadharan <rak...@sptci.com>
Subject Re: How to get a copy of repository?
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 02:18:50 GMT

On 12 Oct 2010, at 21:07, Omid Milani wrote:

> Hi,
> I was trying to get a copy of a workspace into another repository with
> different persistence manager. I expected to be straightforward, but
> it proved extensively troubling.
> First I exported system view of jcr:root, but it wouldn't import
> because of jcr:system node. Then, I exported only subtree of my data,
> this time it began importing but both session.importXML &
> workspace.importXML throw out of memory exception - with 500 MB of
> exported xml and 1024 MB heap.
> Finally I wrote an script to export the data in small chunks, and
> could get them imported, but this time multi-valued properties with
> only one value in them were imported as single-value, and when my
> application tried to read them as multi-value it throw an exception,
> so I had to write another script to change them to mult-value. As I
> look into system-view xml file, there's no mention of properties being
> multi-valued, so when there's only on value importer isn't able to
> detect the difference with single-value ones.
> So my question is, is these the expected behavior of export & import?
> And is there a better way of getting a copy of repository? Is it
> possible to use journal like what cluster nodes do but into another
> repository? (This can't be done manually as then the UUIDs and
> references would be lost)
> Omid,

I had asked the same question w.r.t multi-valued properties not being preserved, and the response
was that JCR 2.0 would cover that scenario.  I have not tried it yet with JR 2.x, since we
are still on 1.6.x.  I changed my accessor code to always check to see if the property is
multi-valued or not.  Regarding memory for single export, I need around 2.5 Gb of heap space
for a 140 Mb export file.

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