I use Jackrabbit v2.1.1, and try to make some loadtests on it with Loadrunner.
First I make the script - see the attachment File0_5.c. It contains 3 operation: upload a file, download it, and delete it.
The script use a counter which is incremented before every running, so the file names are identical. (The file is the same, but the name is identical.)

If I test with 10 users, it is Okay, but with 25 user, I had multiple exceptions like ItemNotFoundException, RepositoryException. NoSuchItemStateException, InvalidItemStateException  - See the details in attachment errorLogWith3FileOperation.log

After this test, I found some test file in my repository. (In normal case there won`t be any file left, because the last method delete them.)  I can download them, and open them, they looks fine.

After these results I changed my script: I commented out the download, and delete section. I run the test again, and I had RepositoryException. ItemStateException. - See the details in attachment errorLogWithUploadOnly.log
I checked the repository and the files which are mentioned in the Exception messages missing.

The jackrabbit is deployed in a weblogic 10.3.1 appserver, the persistenceManager is an Oracle 10g, the operating system is RedHat Linux, 5.5.

Somebody has similar problem with jackrabbit? Known solution to avoid these problems?

Szilard Szabo