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From Sylvain Marcadal <smarca...@gfi.fr>
Subject Re: RepositoryCopier: bundedb -&gt; simpledb error
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 15:08:50 GMT
Karakó Miklós <karako.miklos <at> ecmc.hu> writes:

> hi,
> I tried to copy our repository from bundledb to simpledb, but I always got a
"Caused by: ERROR 23505: The
> statement was aborted because it would have caused a duplicate key value in a
unique or primary key
> constraint or unique index identified by 'VERSION_NODE_IDX' defined on
'VERSION_NODE'." error.
> (Caused by: org.apache.jackrabbit.core.state.ItemStateException: failed to
write node state: deadbeef-face-babe-cafe-babecafebab)
> It works well from bundledb to another bundledb. Any suggestion on how to do
that? I made some test
> repository, but the error is the same.
> Env: jackrabbit-standalone-2.0.0.jar. The repository was created with JR 1.4.x.
> best regards,
> Miklós Karakó

Hello Miklos,
Did you manage to find a solution to this problem ?
I'm facing exactly the same issue.

Sylvain marcadal

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