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From Patrick Maué <paj...@uni-muenster.de>
Subject Setting up jackrabbit-webapp on Tomcat/Debian
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 10:25:12 GMT
Hi all,

i've spent quite some time trying to understand how to deploy
jackrabbit 2.1.1 on a default tomcat installed via apt in
debian/ubuntu. May be the following tips help others to avoid my

* When deployed, everything seems to run fine. But creating a new
repository with the wizard (e.g. with the name "myrepo") results in a
website telling me "Content Repository Exists". Logs don't help
either. Well, the problem is that the installer wants to create the
repository in /var/lib/tomcat6, which is not writeable. Changing the
owner to user "tomcat6" helps. Or specify an absolute path to a
writeable directory.

* You also have to copy the library "jcr-2.0.jar" to
"/usr/share/tomcat6/lib" (not jcr-1.0.jar, like the docs say).

* You can specify an absolute path in the wizard (e.g. /srv/jcr/myrepo).


Patrick Maué

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