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From Thomas Müller <thomas.muel...@day.com>
Subject Re: Spring configuration?
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 12:54:32 GMT

I think I understand your use case, but I'm afraid all I can tell is:
it won't be easy. With the current Jackrabbit implementation, you need
both a PersistenceManager and a FileSystem implementation. To run
queries, you additionally need to use a SearchIndex implementation,
the default one uses Apache Lucene (which in turn is not using the
Jackrabbit FileSystem interface). Also, for large files most likely
you want a DataStore implementation (probably the easiest to
implement). Clustering uses it's own storage component, but maybe it's
easier in your case to ignore that and write your own clustering,
because the Jackrabbit clustering is based on the assumption that the
PersistenceManager is shared for all cluster nodes.

Implementing all those components is a lot of work, and all that would
be lost once Jackrabbit 3 is ready.

> the references on USING
> the specification tend to be sparse.

I agree.


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