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From zeeman <zee...@zeeman.de>
Subject Re: Unable to commit volatile index
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 07:06:05 GMT

> There is one index at repository level and multiple indexes at each
> workspace level. The one you are looking at is repository index and it
> doesn't change much. I don't know what exactly is stored in repository
> index. My guess is it will hold indexes for global info like node types or
> possibly root node?
>> as additional info, i took a deeper look on the mentioned
>> file/directory:
>> > org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.MultiIndex] -[-] (Timer-1:)
>> Unable to commit volatile index
>> > java.io.IOException: Cannot delete X:\jackrabbit\repository\index\indexes

I was able to reproduce this issue by locking a indexes file (I tested
with default workspace indexes because it's easier to cause changes in
the JCR there).
I just locked it by a simple file lock and caused a change in the JCR.
The issue was logged in a loop while the lock on the file exists.
As soon as the lock was released jackrabbit could update the indexes
file and the logging of that stacktrace stoped.

Though we fixed it by restarting the server (not only JBoss, the whole
machine) as we had no idea how to monitor open files on a windows
machine (something like lsof...)

Thanks for the help,

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