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From Jan Pernica <jan.pern...@pernica.org>
Subject Re: Locking
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:38:00 GMT
  Hello Fabian

MS Word asks dav to lock the file. OO does not. :-(
I thought that I can ask client to send LOCK/UNLOCK. Interesting is that 
Linux OO sends LOCK/UNLOCK but in very strange order.
methods called:

and few PROPFIND

I would expect PUT to be in brackets of LOCK/UNLOCK

thank you anyway


On 22.9.2010 12:28, Fabián Mandelbaum wrote:
> Hello Jan,
> usually it's the WebDAV client (in this case OpenOffice 3.2.1) that
> should (must?) lock the file. That is, it's not the server that's
> going to automatically lock the file when someone opens it, but it's
> the client (XML editor) that asks the server explicitly to lock the
> file when opening it and then to unlock it when closing the file.
> For example, XMLMind's XXE works this way (didn't try lots of other
> editors, but I think this is the way things are to be done).
> Good luck.
> 2010/9/22 Jan Pernica<jan.pernica@pernica.org>:
>>   Hi. I just found jackrabbit as a good start point for our WebDAV project.
>> I have run standalone server to find features of jackrabbit and I found
>> following problem:
>> Using OpenOffice 3.2.1 I am able to open the same document from two places
>> and both of them can write the content.
>> the questions is:
>> How to lock document to be read-only if it is edited by some user?
>> Thanks for any hints
>> Regards
>> Jan

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