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From jason wang <jasonqiw...@hotmail.com>
Subject session.logout throws Exception : Inactive logical session handle called
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:36:05 GMT

Hi,Can someone help me with the following problem.I have a stateless session bean which has
the following methods:	@PostConstruct	private void initialize(){		try {			session = repository.login(new
SimpleCredentials("username", "password".toCharArray()));		}catch (LoginException e) {		}catch(RepositoryException
e){		}	}		@PreDestroy	private void cleanup(){		if (session!=null && session.isLive()){
		session.logout();			session=null;		}	}		public void addCategory(String absPath, JRCategory
    	try {
    		Node parentNode = session.getNode(absPath);
    		Node categoryNode = parentNode.addNode(jrCategory.getCategoryName(), "nt:unstructured");
		}catch( ItemExistsException e){
		}catch (PathNotFoundException e) {
		} catch (RepositoryException e) {
   	}The jcr-ds.xml file has the following: <connection-factories>   <tx-connection-factory>
   <jndi-name>jcr/local</jndi-name>     <xa-transaction/>    <rar-name>jackrabbit-jca-2.1.0.rar</rar-name>
   <connection-definition>javax.jcr.Repository</connection-definition>    <config-property
name="homeDir" type="java.lang.String">D:\repositoryJR</config-property>    <config-property
name="configFile" type="java.lang.String">repository.xml</config-property>    <config-property
name="repositoryURI" type="java.lang.String">jcr-jackrabbit://jackrabbit</config-property>
   <config-property name="bindSessionToTransaction" type="java.lang.Boolean">true</config-property>
 </tx-connection-factory></connection-factories>When the session.logout() is executed,
I got the "Inactive logical session handle called" exception.Is this because the session is
already closed when JTA transaction commits? How should I fix this problem?thanks a lot.Jason
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