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From "Fabio Barbon" <Fabio.Bar...@exprivia.it>
Subject R: referencing versioned nodes
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:34:12 GMT

> -----Messaggio originale-----
> Da: Jukka Zitting [mailto:jukka.zitting@gmail.com]
> ...
> A reference always points to the current version of a referenceable
> node. 

Ok, I see. 

What I need instead is that a reference points to the version of the
referenceable node 
at the time the reference was set.

Isn't this behavior making sense to anybody else here?

Example: B is a car model, A is a mortgage car sale. 
A.model indicates the model of car sold in sale A.
There are two B versions: B1 is model 2007, B2 is model 2009.
Moreover, there are two A versions: A1 is when the car was sold and
first rate paid, in year 2008 (at this time A1.model = B1).
A2 is when the second rate was paid, in 2010. 
In this case A2.model should be B1, not B2, because the object of sale A
is always B1.

> If you want to refer to a frozen version of such a node, then
> you need to set the reference to the jcr:uuid of the frozen node.

The drawback I see here is that whenever you checkin a referred node you
need to update all references to it  
(that's what I actually did in the meantime).

Thanks for the reply, best regards

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