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From "H. Wilson" <wils...@randdss.com>
Subject Re: Problems with hyphen in JSR-170 XPath query using jcr:contains
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 19:06:00 GMT
  OK, well I got the spaces part figured out, and will post it for 
anyone who needs it. Putting quotes around the spaces unfortunately did 
not work.  During testing, I determined that if you performed the 
following query for the exact fullName property:

     filter.addContains ( @fullName, 
'"+Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars(".North.South.East.West Land"));

It would return nothing. But tweak it a little and add a wildcard, and 
it would return results:

    filter.addContains ( @fullName,
    '"+Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars(".North.South.East.West Lan*"));

But since I did not want to throw in wild cards where they might not be 
wanted, if a search string contained spaces, did not contain wild cards 
and the user was not concerned with case sensitivity, I used the 
fn:lower-case. So I ended up with the following excerpt (our clients 
wanted options for case sensitive and case insensitive searching) .

public OurParameter[] getOurParameters (boolean performCaseSensitiveSearch, String searchTerm,
String srchField ) { //srchField in this case was fullName


    if ( performCaseSensitiveSearch) {

        //jcr:like for case sensitive
        filter.orJCRExpression ("jcr:like(@" + srchField +", '"+Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars

    else {

        //only use fn:lower-case if there is spaces, with NO wild cards

        if ( searchTerm.contains (" ")&&  !searchTerm.contains ("*")&&  !searchTerm.contains
("?") ) {

            filter.addJCRExpression ("fn:lower-case(@"+srchField+") = '"+Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars(searchTerm.toLowerCase())+"'");


        else {

            //jcr:contains for case insensitive
            filter.addContains ( srchField, Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars(searchTerm));




Hope that helps anyone who needs it.

H. Wilson

>> OK so it looks like I have one other issue. Using the configuration as
>> posted below and sticking to my previous examples, with the addition of one
>> with whitespace. With the following three in our repository:
>>    .North.South.East.WestLand
>>    .North.South.East.West_Land
>>    .North.South.East.West Land    //yes that's a space
>> ...using a jcr:contains, with exact name search with NO wild cards: the
>> first two return properly, but the last one yields no result.
>>    filter.addContains(@fullName,
>> '"+org.apache.jackrabbit.util.Text.escapeIllegalXpathSearchChars(".North.South.East.West
>> Land") +"'));
> I think the space in a contains is seen as an AND by the
> Jackrabbit/Lucene QueryParser. I should test this however as I am not
> sure. Perhaps you can put quotes around it, not sure if that works
> though
> Regards Ard
>> According to the Lucene documentation, KeywordAnalyzer should be creating
>> one token, plus combined with escaping the Illegal Characters (i.e. spaces),
>> shouldn't this search work? Thanks again.
>> H. Wilson

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