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From Dominik Klaholt <do...@mail.upb.de>
Subject Concurrent Writes in Jackrabbit
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 10:21:34 GMT

I have a problem with the following use-case: A user reads the current 
value of a property of a node, then makes a decision based upon the read 
value and changes the value.
Is there any way, besides locking, to makes this use-case atomic... thus 
enabling a kind of a "test&set"-mechanism? The purpose would be that a 
second user cannot change the value of interest right in-between the 
read and the write of the first user, which could cause an inconsistent 
persistent state.
Locking does not sound as a perfect match for this use-case, as it locks 
the entire node and thus also prohibits access to other properties.

Best regards,

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