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From Marc Herbert <Marc.Herb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: SPI versus RMI versus... SPI+RMI
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:08:07 GMT
Le 14/07/2010 11:43, Angela Schreiber a écrit :

>>  i agree, remoting the SPI using RMI should be straightforward,
>> e.g.
>>   jcr2spi <-> SPI RMI client stub <-(network)-> SPI RMI server <->
>> AFAIK, nobody's implemented yet.
> marcel did, didn't he?
> -> it's in the jackrabbit sandbox but not updated to the JR 2.0.

Stefan, Angela: thanks for answering.

Coming back to performance, would this "third" remoting solution be
usable over WAN latency? (unlike plain RMI).  I mean would calls be
batched somehow? This specific quote got me wondering:

  "While Jackrabbit SPI to JCR and SPI to WebDAV really are repository
   implementations, the SPI-RMI is rather a 'repeater' for SPI calls
   using RMI"

>     and it's not optimized as far as i know.

Could you elaborate a tiny bit? The email archives would be grateful
to you :-)



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