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From Marc Herbert <Marc.Herb...@gmail.com>
Subject SPI versus RMI versus... SPI+RMI
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 09:42:22 GMT
Hi all,

  I am currently investigating remoting options. A number of
pages/posts state that there are two remoting options: "SPI" versus
"RMI". By digging deeper I think I found talk about a third option:
SPI "on top of" RMI (instead of WebDav). Is this correct? I mean, is
this actually a third option or am I just confused?

If there is indeed a third SPI+RMI option then it does not seem much
advertised. Is it deprecated or dead?

Performance aside, forwarding SPI method calls using RMI feels
more straight forward to me than going through an additional
WebDav/HTTP layer. Since RMI ignores the Fallacies of Distributed
Computing, remoting using RMI requires very little development
doesn't it?

How naive is the above?



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