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From zeeman <zee...@zeeman.de>
Subject Oracle Cluster configuration questions
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 06:17:51 GMT
Hi list,

I'm quite new to JCR/Jackrabbit though I've got some questions about the
Jackrabbit cluster configuration and behavoir:

* My setup:
I'm using JDK6 (1.6.0_11) running JBoss 4.2.3 with Oracle 10g. I use
Jackrabbit 1.6.2 as JCA ressource.
Currently I've configured my cluster (2 Jackrabbit nodes on 2 differen
JBOss server) to
- Repository Filesystem is an OracleFileSystem
--- Default workspace Filesystem is a OracleFileSystem
--- Default workspace PersistentenceManager is a OraclePersistenceMaanger
-- Workspaces versioning Filesystem is a OracleFileSystem
-- Workspaces versioning PersistenceManager is a OraclePersistenceManager
- Cluster Journal is a OracleDatabaseJournal (Revision log is under

Starting both nodes seemt to work and the Journal table is filled with
Also (according to the logs) changes from one node are "replicated" on the
other node.

*Can anyone say if I've create a valid, stable cluster configuratin? I'm
happy to provide my complete repository.xml (Is attaching allowed on this
My goal is to persist the whole repository in the Oracle Database (except
the search index and the revision log ;-) ) to keep backup effors minimal.
I think this is a valid approach as I expect only small text files to be
placed in the repository (and no (large) binary files).

Another question aries about the cluster failover:
* What happens if one node goes down?
I expect on restart the failing node will "replicate" the missed updates
from the repoistory. But as the "repository" itself is already in the
database tables what does really happen? Is only the search index

Also what happens if the local revision log / complete workspace folder is
I would expect that (a) the complete repository is somewhat replicated
(see above) and (b) the search index is rebuild. According to the
repository size that might take some time but should work without user
interaction. Is that right?

Though what is a recommended place for the local JCR "workspace folder" as
it only contains the search index and the revision log? Is
<JBOSS>/server/default/tmp a good approach?

Thanks in advance for any clarificaion,

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