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From zeeman <zee...@zeeman.de>
Subject Re: Oracle Cluster configuration questions
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:16:52 GMT
Hi Ian,

>>>> Also what happens if the local revision log / complete workspace
>>>> is deleted?
>>> The instance will rebuild from the year dot using the journal.
>>>> I would expect that (a) the complete repository is somewhat
>>>> (see above) and (b) the search index is rebuild. According to the
>>>> repository size that might take some time but should work without
>>>> interaction. Is that right?
>>> Correct
>>>> Though what is a recommended place for the local JCR "workspace
>>>> as it only contains the search index and the revision log?
>>> and iirc some other things like config.
>>>> Is <JBOSS>/server/default/tmp a good approach?
>>> I would not call it tmp, its permanent local state.
>> What is permanent on of local repository home? 
>> * The cache is in-memory (I guess), 
>> * the workspace configuration can be recreated from the repository.xml
>> (as on the very first start),
>> * the search index ca be rebuild and 
>> * the repository content is always up-to-date in the table. 
> permanent in the sense you don't want that area to be deleted when the
> is restarted.
> Ideally you do not want to be recreating this area at all since you will
> have to replay all journal events to re-build the search index.
>> My overall goal is to minimize backup efforts and doing no backup of
>> nodes' local repository folder would be very nice (as I hope it can be
>> rebuild in case of a failure).
> You don't have to back up the local folders, but if you do it will be
> quicker to bring a new  node up.

The expected amount of content to be placed in the repository will be
around zero (not kidding!)
The JCR is required by some module of the programm. This module can't be
excluded but isn't used at all by the programm.
Though there will be some administrative content to be stored in the JCR
(some nodes with properties) by this module itself but that's it.
I think I can live with the rebuild of the search index for those events
in case of an failure/added node.

Thanks a lot for your time and responses!

Kind regards,

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