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From Daniel Varga <daniel...@gmail.com>
Subject repo replication
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 13:59:43 GMT
Dear All,
I'd have a question regarding jackrabbit replication. The situation is
the following:
We are using jboss drools that has jackrabbit 1.3 as the repository.
For business continuity
reasons we have 2 servers though only one of them is running (i mean
the application server (jboss)) while
the DB of the running one is replicated to the DB of the standby one.
I have to solve that in case of emergeny when we need to start the
standby one it has the same content (the rules)
as the one that runs usually. Do you have any ideas how to replicate
the data provided that
the standby application is not running (and its jackrabbit either).
I though of:
1. using DB (that is replicated) as a datastore of jackrabbit
2. replicating the repository folder somehow...
I'm not sure of any of the 2 would work.
If you have any experience with such problems and could also share it,
I'd be glad.

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