I think you misunderstand what happens when you put stuff in the repository.

Nodes are stored as data, not as obvious "things" (file representations of the data)  in the file system.  

Even when you have the configuration to store files in the file system, they do not magically appear as your files in the file system.  They are there, but the names are changed to enhance the storage of the data.

When I started I made a simple war file and used the default jackrabbit search.jsp to find the nodes I had added, and then added a page that starts with items in the root of the default workspace and allows you to walk down the tree, listing the nodes and their attributes.

I hope this helps to get you started.


From:        Jenni P <>
Date:        05/05/2010 10:56 PM
Subject:        Can we add text files to jackrabbit repository

Hi All,
     I am new to the Jackrabbit repository. I want to add the text file to
the jackrabbit repository. can we add text files to the repository. I tried
the example to add the nodes to the repository. But how to check whether
nodes are added or not in repository. where to check the nodes in my
machine. please guide me. Thanks in advance.