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From Neil Corbet <ncor...@towerhillservices.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit, OraclePM, and open scoped lock time outs.
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 19:53:22 GMT
> Hello Everyone,
>     I am currently developing a GWT application that uses RPC calls to 
> objects from a jackrabbit(1.5.7 in Tomcat6) repository through JCROM.The 
> repository is in an oracle database and I am using the 
> OraclePersistenceManager.
>     Due to the stateless nature of my web-app, I do not have active
> jcr sessions that I can session scope locks on a node. Therefore,
> I need to create an open-scoped lock. I will manually maintain
> the lock token and attach it to the next session I open when I am
> ready to perform some function on the locked node. 
> However,I am concerned about users shutting the app down
> and leaving these nodes locked. So, I am wanting to set a lock
> timeout for my repo, does anyone know how this is done using an
> Oracle db and the OraclePM? 
> Thanks,
>     Neil

Neil Corbet <ncorbet <at> towerhillservices.com> writes:

Judging from the cricket sounds, no-one has timed out open scoped locks in a 
repo that uses the oraclePM?

Does anyone have any advice on open-scoped locks?


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