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From "Cech. Ulrich" <Ulrich.C...@aeb.de>
Subject Jackrabbit and WORM
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 15:22:21 GMT
Hi altogether,

I wanted to know how jackrabbit can be used in judicial environment in conjunction with a
WORM storage system.
Background: The storage system must store the data, so that the data cannot be edited, deleted,
overwritten, so the best way to go is to use a WORM. There is a good system (FAST LTA) which
does the work (the datastore directory is then on a network share, the the Silent Cube stores
the data files undeletable).

But another law says, that you need to delete the data, if a customer cancel a contract with
you, and you have to delete his data from your storage (that is impossible for a WORM).
So, is there any experience dealing with this? Can jackrabbit be configured to store the data
encrypted in his datastore? If the customer cancells the contract, you can delete the key
and the data is lost (equal to deleted).

Any hints or links are very welcome.

Thanks all in advance,

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