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From John Tranier <john.tran...@fylab.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit 1.6 and DavEx ?
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 13:42:43 GMT
Hi !

Good news : I've migrated to 2.1.0 and the problem I had with move
disappeared :-)

I just discovered something that looks like a strange behaviour to me
and I would like to check whether it is expected or not.
With jcr2spi the cache seems to be handled per session.

Here is a sequence to illustrate it :
1. Create jcrSession1
2. Create jcrSession2
3. Add a node n with jcrSession1
4. ItemExists(n) with jcrSession2 returns false
5. Add a node n with jcrSession2 ==> Exception ItemExists

If I swap point 2. and 3. (i.e. I create jcrSession2 after adding the
node n with jcrSession1) everything works fine.

Is there a reason I don't know to handle the cache at the session
level and not at the repository proxy level ?
And beside that, is there a way to invalidate the cache of a session
(apart from closing and reopening a session) ?

Thanks for your help

2010/5/4 John Tranier <john.tranier@fylab.com>:
> Hi Angela,
> I guess it's a better option to upgrade to 2.1 for accessing the repository
> in WebDav.
> I will try that.
> Thank you for your answers.
> John
> 2010/5/4 Angela Schreiber <anchela@day.com>
>> hi john
>>> Concerning the problem 2 (move), here is an example :
>>> jcrSession.move(
>>>            fichierNode.path,
>>>            fichierNode.parent.path + '/' + 'newName')
>>> fichierNode.setProperty( JcrConstants.ELIOT_DATE_MODIFICATION,
>>> Calendar.getInstance() )
>>> jcrSession.save() => throws javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: <old path>
>>> The problem is solved when I update the property before the move.
>> depending on the nature of your "fichierNode" this
>> could be the same as JCR-2472, which has been fixed for 2.1
>>> For the problem 1, I give you a short description followed by my concrete
>>> code.
>>> I have 2 mixin types, let's say A and B, with B that inherits A.
>>> When I add the type A, and then the type B I get an exception
>>> javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException:
>>> no matching property definition found for ...
>>> It works when I save the session after adding the type A.
>>>    *jcrSession.save() => Without that save it works with the Repository
>>> from core, but not with a webdav connection*
>> not sure, but the reason for this might be that in jcr2spi mixin types
>> are only effective on a given node *after* save() [1].
>> in this part jcr2spi works different than jackrabbit-core since
>> jcr2spi doesn't not have the ability to create autocreated items
>> such as e.g. defined by mix:referenceable and mix:versionable and
>> may not be able to detect conflicts arising from adding the mixin
>> type. this is therefore delegated to the SPI implementation.
>> regards
>> angela
>> [1] see section "10.10 Node Type Assignment" of the specification
>>    and the following quote from the javadoc of Node#addMixin:
>>    "Semantically, the new node type may take effect immediately,
>>     on dispatch or on persist."

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