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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject Re: AccessControlProvider on security workspace. (JR2)
Date Sat, 15 May 2010 08:44:25 GMT

On 14 May 2010, at 19:59, Angela Schreiber wrote:

> Ian Boston wrote:
>> Do you think there would be a problem extending the rep:Group node  from
>> [rep:Group] > rep:Authorizable
>>  - rep:members (WEAKREFERENCE) protected multiple < 'rep:Authorizable'
>> to
>> [rep:Group] > rep:Authorizable
>>  - rep:members (WEAKREFERENCE) protected multiple < 'rep:Authorizable'
>>  - rep:managers (STRING) protected multiple
>>  - rep:viewers (STRING) protected multiple
>> I am not asking that the spec be extended since thats JSR work, just if its going
to conflict with things in the future that you know of ?
> the user management currently doesn't for part of the JCR spec.
> it's a jackrabbit specific extension due to the fact we at
> Day have the need for user management.
> as far as i understood: you want to cover access control functionality
> with those 2 properties. is that correct?


> if this is the case i would
> rather define a mixin. without having thought about it carefully that
> would look more appropriate to me since the 2 properties are not intrinsic characteristics
of a Group itself but [in JCR lingo] rather belong to an access control policy that may be
applied or even be effective by default on a specific group node.


> modification of those properties thus is from my point of view rather
> a question of being allowed to manipulate the access control of the group node than of
changing the groups properties or adding/removing
> a member from the group...

agreed, I need to think a bit more about this, however  I think that the policy is so simple
compared to full ACL's that manage effectively gives administrative rights over the group,
avoiding the need for a finer grained policy separating properties and access control policy.

> but that's just my gut feeling without knowing the details behind your
> questions.

We have a need for a) private groups and b) delegated administration of individual groups

> hope it helps anyway

It does, thank you, no more questions :)

> regards
> angela

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