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From Christina Kaskoura <christina.kasko...@eurodyn.com>
Subject Lock token not being added to session
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 08:48:08 GMT

I am using Jackrabbit 1.6.1 and I have the following problem:
I am locking a node (setting isSessionScoped to false) and store the 
lock token in order to be able to later modify/unlock the node from 
another session. The first time I login to the repository everything 
works fine and I am able to add the stored lock token to a new session 
and modify the node. However, when I close this session (with 
session.logout()) and open a new one I am not able to add the lock token 
to the new session (I call addLockToken on the new session and right 
after this call the session does not hold any lock tokens, so the lock 
token is not being added). If at the time when I first add the lock 
token to a session I have also another session open which never closes 
everything works fine. I am using Glassfish v3 application server both 
for the jackrabbit repository and the application that uses it.

Has anybody had similar problems or knows what causes this behavior?

Thank you,

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