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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: workspace creation not implemented
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:34:53 GMT
ChadDavis wrote:
> I'm using Jackrabbit 2.0, with spi/davex remoting.  When I try to
> create a workspace with Workspace.createWorkspace(), I get a stack
> trace indicating that the feature in not implemented.  Furthermore, it
> references ticket JCR-2003, but when I look there I don't really see
> anything about the workspace.

creating workspaces is not yet implemented.

> More concerning are the comments on that ticket indicating that there
> may be little energy moving in the direction of fully implementing the
> JCR2.0 in the spi/davex stack.  This leads me to a series of
> questions:
> 1) Isn't the spi/davex stack the preferred method of remoting?

as far as i know it's the preferred way for us@day right now.

> 2) Why exactly is the implementation left in a partial state?

- not enough time to implement the missing parts.
- no urgent need for the missing parts.

> 3) I'm willing to assist in some implementation, but I need to know
> how to do that.

- provide patches


- create new workspaces could be implemented using the MKWORKSPACE
   method defined in deltaV

- activities could be implemented using the MKACTIVITY method

- node type registration
   either we could do something similar to the namespace, which are
   exposed as properties of the workspace resource.
   or we make it a bit hacky as we did for the clone.
   or we treat MKCOL underneith the /jcr:system/jcr:nodetypes specially.

- query and observation
   there are a couple of known issues to address with well defined
   scope... that could be a good point for getting started if you
   are not yet familiar with the code.

- ...

for those variants that rely on deltaV functionality the one
providing an implementation must take a closer look at the pre
and post conditions defined therein and try to find a way to
match JCR requirements to ones defined in deltaV... preferably
writing some lines to be added to the remoting document that is
on the jackrabbit webpage... i started to update the document
to a version 2 but didn't have time to complete it up to now.


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