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From Rodrigo Meza <rodrigo.meza.fo...@gmail.com>
Subject searching in all the properties of a node
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 21:21:27 GMT
   Using the Xpath querying syntax, I used to search in all of the
properties of node of type my:nodetype the text 'a search string' in
this way:

queryManager.createQuery("//element(*,my:nodetype")[jcr:contains(., 'a
search string')]", Query.XPATH);

   Is there an equivalent way to search in all the properties of a set
of nodes with a common nodetype using JCR-SQL2? I've tried replacing
the column name with a dot (as in the XPATH syntax) or with a * (as is
suggested by looking at  the examples from Jackrabbit's test cases),
but none of them work well (I get a


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