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From Rakesh Vidyadharan <rak...@sptci.com>
Subject Re: number of results in a query?
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 20:41:08 GMT

On 19 Mar 2010, at 14:50, Rodrigo Meza wrote:

> Hello,
>  I am not sure if this is the right list to make my question, but I
> didn't find a jcr-2 list. My problem is that queries in jackrabbit
> sometimes return -1:

I think there have been a couple of earlier posts on this issue.  I myself had to change my
JCR-1 code due to this issue.  IIRC JR people decided to optimise the results processing by
not iterating over the results and populating the size.  I ended up doing that on my end,
which hopefully was all that JR1 was doing.

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