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From "Cech. Ulrich" <Ulrich.C...@aeb.de>
Subject Jackrabbit MemoryManagement
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 09:23:46 GMT

I just running a mass test with some hundrets of thousends files (all have 15 properties),
very structured repo tree (no more than 2000 direct child nodes!).

Everything works fine so long, but I see a very slight increasing of used memory.
Every document storage ends with a "session.save()", so there are no transient changes anymore.
Every 100 documents, I do a little "break" and call System.gc().

I see, that the used memory is hold on a certain value (some kb more and less) for a yet long
time (about 30-60 min.), then there is an increase of some MB, holding for next 30.60 min
and so on.

I did not change any cache settings, so the cache should only the 16MB (default values, if
I look exactly).

Is this perhaps the index, which consumes more and more memory? Is there a setting to limit
the maximum used memory? I would solve this, so that the system does not crash down with an
OutOfMemoryException some days.

Thanks for any hints/advices,

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