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From "Cech. Ulrich" <Ulrich.C...@aeb.de>
Subject Workspace - concept
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 07:52:57 GMT
Hi to all,

I just thinking about the best way of using the workspaces in conjunction with user/rights
management for an application using JCR/Jackrabbit as storage:
1. Every user gets his/her own workspace
Advantage: all data is clearly separated, the user/rights management must only deals with
workspace-wide constraints (perhaps nearly the node-wide access management can be left out);
no problem with workspace-wide indexing (I see that the workspace contains the index of the
data; if I think correct, taht would mean, that anyone can search for key words, but some
keywords perhaps should not be seen by all users)
Disadvantage: this can be perhaps many thousends workspaces (I have no idea at the moment
if this can be handled)

2. One global workspace, all users connect through this workspace
Advantage: links to other nodes in another tree-part can be established; easier handling of
this one workspace
Disadvantage: can all users search for "keywords" which they should not see? (if the whole
index is shared by all users); more handling of ACL-constraints on the per-node-basis; very
big workspace with big index

So, I would like to know, if someone had some experiences, which concept to use in practice
with very big data (could be about 2TB in the next 2-5 years) and many thousend users.

Thanks in advance,

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