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From Robert Eichinger <robert.eichinger...@googlemail.com>
Subject Program blocks on setProperty() in Jackrabbit-webapp-2.0.0
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 14:52:42 GMT

I recently started developing an application that has to keep track of
a large amount of images. I started using Jackrabbit 2.0.0 (webapp)
and I am using PostgreSQL as Database backend. The repository is being
accessed via jackrabbit-rmi. For small images (<50 kb) the whole
system works fine, but when I want to put bigger images into the
repository, the call to Node.setProperty() does not return and the
whole application hangs. A small extract of my source code:

Node imageNode = aidNode.addNode(id,"nt:file");
Node addInfoNode = imageNode.addNode("jcr:content","nt:resource");
addInfoNode.setProperty("jcr:mimeType", mimeType);
addInfoNode.setProperty("jcr:lastModified", lastModified);
Binary binImage = vf.createBinary(fis);

I  tried different ways of solving the problem with jackrabbit 2.0.0
but none of them succeeded (MySQL as backend, FS as backend, using
deprecated method Node.setProperty(String name, InputStream)). Then I
tried jackrabbit 1.6 and it works perfectly for small and large

My questions now are:
Did I configure something wrong?
Did I forget to add a mixin that is required by jackrabbit 2.0.0 or JCR 2.0?
Is my way the correct way to store binary data in jackrabbit?

Thanks in advance,

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