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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject UserManager peformance in 1.6
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:08:39 GMT
I am trying to optimise a bit of code that adds users to jackrabbit, I have a lot of users
to load.

Are these times unreasonable for Jackrabbit.

It takes 15ms to get the user with a call like 

      String principalName = "newUserId"
      Authorizable authorizable = userManager.getAuthorizable(principalName);

user does not exist.

It takes 44ms to create a user with a call like

        User user = userManager.createUser(principalName, pass, p, prefix);

prefix is something line "aa/bb/cc/dd"

aa,bb,cc,dd all exist, and should be in memory and dd has < 255 children

I also create about 5 other nodes add some simple ACL's and the whole operation takes upto

I am a bit worried, since on in other RDBMS based  systems, that this will be compared against,
this sort of operation is faster,

deployers need to add in the range 10K to 4M, at the top end thats going to take11 days to
load if there is no slow down.

Any suggestions how to make node creation faster?
Is there some magic trick that I am missing?

Jackrabbit 1.6
Java 1.6
OOTB standard config with Derby as a back end.
MacBook Pro, 2.53 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB DDR3

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