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From Christina Kaskoura <Christina.Kasko...@eurodyn.com>
Subject Correspondance between parent and child node versions
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 07:53:44 GMT
I have a parent node P and a child node C. Both P and C are versionable. At
some point in my code I need to get data from a previous version V of P, so
I use getVersionHistory().getVersion(V).getNode("jcr:frozennode") in order
to get the version I need. In this version however, the child of node P is
no longer node C but a reference to C's version history, therefore I don't
know the exact state C was in while P's version was V. So the question is,
is there a way to determine which versions of C correspond to the version of
P I have retrieved (by "correspond" I mean were active at the same time). I
understand that since both P and C are versionable and therefore can be
checked-out/checked-in independently there might not be a single version of
C corresponding to a version of P, so I would expect to get a sub-set of C's
version history which contains the versions C went through while P was in
version V.
Thank you.

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