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From Fabián Mandelbaum <fmandelb...@gmail.com>
Subject Repository storage structure change, exportSystemView and importXML
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 12:21:26 GMT

I'm using JR 1.4. While developing my application there's been changes
to some nodes (mix:lockable added), and there were some stored nodes
that are not needed anymore (for example, nt:file nodes stored on /).
I have no custom nodes defined, am only using nt:file , nt:folder and
nt:unstructured for all the rest.

I need to migrate an old repository to the new storage schema. This
requirement may hold true for future versions of my own system (ex: V3
vs. V2), as the system evolves. The strategy I'm currently trying (if
you know of a better one, please let me know), is the following:

1) exportSystemView of the whole repo: session.exportSystemView("/",
os, false, false);
2) perform an XSLT transformation (for example with xsltproc) and a
custom XSL that will remove/add/modify nodes as needed, according to
the changes between old and new repo storage structure: xsltproc
migrate.xsl repoExport.xml > newRepo.xml
3) Import newRepo.xml into the existing old repo:
session.importXML("/", is,

Step nbr 3) is throwing an exception stating that protected nodes
cannot be overwritten (which sounds fine from a data integrity point
of view, but throws this strategy out of the window).

I guess that if instead of using an existing repo for step 3, I create
a new empty one, and then try to import over it, things won't change
much because the new empty repo will already have protected  nodes
(those under /jcr:system, for example).

So, what can I do to 'fix' this? Start the import 'somewhere else'
instead of at "/" (how would I eliminate nodes that are stored there
and I don't need anymore)? Forget about this strategy and write a
small program that makes the modifications "by hand" (as oposed to an
automated import) every time I need to migrate an old repo storage

Am I using the right APIs? Is importXML the counterpart to exportSystemView?

Too many questions, I know... but I'm kinda stuck.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Fabián Mandelbaum
IS Engineer

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