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From "Birmingham, Steven" <Steven.Birming...@itt.com>
Subject OCM complex class can be annotated?
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 22:05:00 GMT

I am new to JCR but have been playing with JackRabbit.  I have version 2.0 installed.  I built
the ocm project and also have the dependencies working so that I have the simple PressRelease
example working.  I was trying to persist a test class we have here and get the exception:
 Class of type: com.ist.jcr.jackrabbit.test.OcmSigIntData has no descriptor.  I am trying
to use annotations.  Can something like this work or am I forced to do build a descriptor?
 FYI, DataSystem, SignalType, Site and SourceSystem are enums.

Here is the class:
package com.ist.jcr.jackrabbit.test;

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.AbstractMap.SimpleEntry;

import org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.mapper.impl.annotation.Collection;
import org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.mapper.impl.annotation.Field;
import org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.mapper.impl.annotation.Node;

import com.ist.proposal.data.enums.DataSystem;
import com.ist.proposal.data.enums.SignalType;
import com.ist.proposal.data.enums.Site;
import com.ist.proposal.data.enums.SourceSystem;

public class OcmSigIntData {
      @Field(path=true) String path;
      @Field private DataSystem dataSystem;
      @Field private String description;
      @Field private SimpleEntry<Date, Date> eventDates;
      @Field private long eventId;
      @Field private SimpleEntry<SimpleEntry<Double, Double>, SimpleEntry<Double,
Double>> location;
      @Collection private List<SimpleEntry<Integer, Integer>> rfs;
      @Collection private List<SimpleEntry<Date, Date>> signalTimes;
      @Field private SignalType signalType;
      @Field private Site site;
      @Field private SourceSystem sourceSystem;
      @Field private String summary;
      @Field private String title;

      public String getPath() {
            return path;
      public void setPath(String path) {
            this.path = path;

      public DataSystem getDataSystem() {
            return dataSystem;
      public void setDataSystem(DataSystem dataSystem) {
            this.dataSystem = dataSystem;
      public String getDescription() {
            return description;
      public void setDescription(String description) {
            this.description = description;
      public SimpleEntry<Date, Date> getEventDates() {
            return eventDates;
      public void setEventDates(SimpleEntry<Date, Date> eventDates) {
            this.eventDates = eventDates;
      public long getEventId() {
            return eventId;
      public void setEventId(long eventId) {
            this.eventId = eventId;
      public SimpleEntry<SimpleEntry<Double, Double>, SimpleEntry<Double, Double>>
getLocation() {
            return location;
      public void setLocation(
                  SimpleEntry<SimpleEntry<Double, Double>, SimpleEntry<Double,
Double>> location) {
            this.location = location;
      public List<SimpleEntry<Integer, Integer>> getRfs() {
            return rfs;
      public void setRfs(List<SimpleEntry<Integer, Integer>> rfs) {
            this.rfs = rfs;
      public List<SimpleEntry<Date, Date>> getSignalTimes() {
            return signalTimes;
      public void setSignalTimes(List<SimpleEntry<Date, Date>> signalTimes) {
            this.signalTimes = signalTimes;
      public SignalType getSignalType() {
            return signalType;
      public void setSignalType(SignalType signalType) {
            this.signalType = signalType;
      public Site getSite() {
            return site;
      public void setSite(Site site) {
            this.site = site;
      public SourceSystem getSourceSystem() {
            return sourceSystem;
      public void setSourceSystem(SourceSystem sourceSystem) {
            this.sourceSystem = sourceSystem;
      public String getSummary() {
            return summary;
      public void setSummary(String summary) {
            this.summary = summary;
      public String getTitle() {
            return title;
      public void setTitle(String title) {
            this.title = title;
      public String toString() {
            StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
            sb.append("Title: ").append(title).append("\n");
            sb.append("Description: ").append(description).append("\n");
            sb.append("Summary: ").append(summary).append("\n");
            sb.append("EventId: ").append(eventId).append("\n");
            sb.append("SignalType: ").append(signalType).append("\n");
            sb.append("DataSystem: ").append(dataSystem).append("\n");
            sb.append("SourceSystem: ").append(sourceSystem).append("\n");
            sb.append("Site: ").append(site).append("\n");
            sb.append("Location: [")
            sb.append("EventDate: ").append("\n")
                  .append("  Start: ").append(eventDates.getKey()).append("\n")
                  .append("    End: ").append(eventDates.getValue()).append("\n");
            sb.append("SignalTimes: ").append("\n");
            for (int i = 0; i < signalTimes.size(); i++) {
                  sb.append("  Start: ").append(signalTimes.get(i).getKey()).append("\n");
                  sb.append("    End: ").append(signalTimes.get(i).getValue()).append("\n");
            sb.append("Rfs: ").append("\n");
            for (int i = 0; i < rfs.size(); i++) {
                  sb.append("  Rf: [").append(rfs.get(i).getKey()).append(",").append(rfs.get(i).getValue()).append("]\n");
            return sb.toString();


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