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From François Cassistat...@maya-systems.com>
Subject Re: jcr2spi NodeIterator.getNode() performances
Date Sat, 27 Feb 2010 19:52:29 GMT
Ok, I've studied a little what was going on with a packet analyzer.

As I expected, jcr2spi does request for each node, but I did not expect it to do 3 requests
for each node of my iterator (one request to get the node, and two for asking some UUID properties
(for files ?)).

We need to pass in each node and consult three or four properties to render in a table. In
my product, we can't afford waiting 17 seconds fetching information about 56 nodes (or 5 minutes
for 1500 nodes). Is there any way to configure spi2davex to get all the query result in one
big HTTP request?



Le 2010-02-26 à 5:12 PM, François Cassistat a écrit :

> Hello list,
> I am using jcr2spi on top spi2davex, with JackRabbit 2.0 on a remote server.
> I've made a query to the server, it takes :
> - 900ms to connect (this is acceptable)
> - 500ms to do a XPath query on ~25K nodes with a "order by" close (this is good)
> - 1000ms to get the node iterator for the result (this is ok)
> And then, between 240ms and 310ms to get each node. Are this normal performances? At
all, it took 16 seconds to load 56 node result. This is unacceptable in my project.
> I assume that jcr2spi makes one HTTP query to every NodeIterator.getNode() call. Considered
that I ping the server with ~70ms delay for large packets, are theses delays normal?
> I don't know much about spi2davex details, but is there anyway to load all these nodes
(and subnodes?) in one big HTTP request?
> Thank you,
> François

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