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From Thomas Müller <thomas.muel...@day.com>
Subject Re: Connection Problems
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 07:59:40 GMT
Hi Jack Rabbit,

> I have seen several forum postings mentioning that in previous
> versions a single connection is held open per workspace, regardless of
> whether a datasource is used. First and foremost, is this accurate,
> and up to what version?

That's correct. Up to version 1.6 - see also the release notes:

> If this is true, this may be a problem for my group since our network
> terminates long lasting idle connections. Correct me if I'm wrong
> here, but I'm not aware Jackrabbit send periodic 'pings' so that the
> network still thinks the connection is in use.

If you use Oracle I believe there is an option to send pings
periodically. I don't recall the details however.

> So the second question would be, are we doomed when connections are
> terminated by the network firewall, in certain versions of Jackrabbit?

No, on connection loss Jackrabbit automatically reconnects (since
version 1.4 I believe).

> The third question is now with this 2.0 release, and connection
> pooling is implemented, are we no longer holding onto that single
> theoretical connection, and thus even in the case of network issues,
> eventually jackrabbit will 'recover'?

Jackrabbit will 'recover' in all versions (not only 2.0).

> Finally, as the issue is really requests to the repository are failing
> sometimes for files, what debug logging is available to research
> whether it's the connection holding up the request in Jackrabbit, or
> if its something else?

I don't know about logging. In case a process is blocked I usually use:

jps -l
jstack <pid>


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