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From Matt Meola <m...@muztek.net>
Subject Re: UserManagement
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 23:52:35 GMT
Ian Boston wrote:
> On 22 Feb 2010, at 16:24, Cech. Ulrich wrote:
>> 3. I don't find a method for reading all "registered" users in the repository. I
tried to access the path "/rep:security/rep:authorizables/rep:users" but this node does not
exist (or I made some other mistake).
> You have to  use the UserManager and the search capabilities in there, /rep:security
is protected so a normal session wont be able to get to it.

This begs one further question:  using UserManager.findAuthorizables(),
it requires a String for a property name and a property value, at
least.  How do I use this to find ALL of the users registered in the
repository?  I've tried passing null for the property name, as well as
an empty string.  Both return an iterator with nothing in it.

I'm using Jackrabbit 2.0.0...

Matt Meola

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