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From crankydillo <crankydi...@gmail.com>
Subject RepositoryCopier performance
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 23:38:33 GMT

I'm trying to use 1.6.0's RepositoryCopier and am wondering if the 
performance I'm seeing is what I should expect.

We're using Jackrabbit with its default settings via a 
TransientRepository.  For the most part, the nodes form a tree with a 
depth of 3.  The leafs contain String properties.  The second level down 
is versioned via COPY, which is doing the whole subtree.  Each time a 
leaf is modified a new version is created for the parent, but I delete 
the prior version.

Anyhow, that is basically what we're doing.  Now, I'm testing backup.  I 
seeded Jackrabbit with the following tree, 2 -> 50 -> 50.  So we should 
have 10K nodes in the repository.  The strings have about 2500 characters.

It looks like it takes anywhere from 70 seconds to 120 seconds to 
perform the copy.  The target is another default-configured Jackrabbit.

Is this unusual?  I was hoping for something substantially faster, but 
realize this was just a hope;)


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