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From Jan Michalica <jan.michal...@centire.com>
Subject ACL and jackrabbit security configuration
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 13:05:21 GMT
I am trying to use the new ACL (AccessControlList) API in Jackrabbit 2.0 to 
manage permissions for documents stored in repository, however there is not 
very much documentation about it. So far I have understood that I need to 
obtain ACL (~policy) for the Node in question and then I can add  ACL entries 
giving permissions to selected Principals. I suppose that the Principals not 
mentioned in ACL will have no permissions to that Node. (?) So far nice, 

When trying to obtain current ACL from Node, I have found out that there are 
no such objects - only one SimplePolicy object... How do I configure Jackrabbit
to create this ACL on Node creation?

Next problem is, how to obtaing Principal object for ACL entry? Will be an 
anonymous class returning name of logged user sufficient?

Thanks for any help

Btw. I am using SimpleAccessManager, SimpleSecurityManager and 
SimpleLoginModule in repository config - maybe these classes are 'too simple' 
to use ACL's - should I replace them with their Default* counterparts?

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