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From <m...@jutzig.de>
Subject Re: Out Of Memory Error while indexing
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 10:59:46 GMT

Hi Tomasz,

comments below

On Tue, 9 Feb 2010 11:38:56 +0100, Tomasz Łazarecki
<tomasz.lazarecki@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> That's only an example not the greatest solution.
> So, here we go...
> 1.I would register my nodeType VersionControlNode.
> 2.Next i would add two content props: one for the smaller and second for
> the
> bigger files in the VersionControlNode.
> 3.I'm providing the client api so i would check
> if(fileSize>MAXIMUM_SMALL_FILE_SIZE) then i'm putting content into the
> jcr:bigFIle, else to the
> jcr:smallFile.
> 4. Because Jackrabbit can show to lucene which content should be indexed
> and
> analayzed i'm doning it via the proper configuration. By that i mean
> jcr:smallFile is indexed, jcr:bigFile is not.
> As i get it from your e-mail, you are providing the client api.
> ps:I don't find a solution for the defualt configuration...
> Best regards/Pozdrawiam
> Tomasz Łazarecki
Could one of these solutions work as well?
1. I'm not very familiar with the syntax, so I don't know if this is
   <index-rule nodeType="nt:file"
              condition="@jcr:mimeType != 'bigFile'">

2. Create my own TextExtractor for mimeType 'bigFile' that returns a fake
reader and therefore prevents the file to be loaded into memory.

Best regards,

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