Hi all

I have a requirement to archive several million documents with variable metadata (dates, types of document).  There is only the update process that adds documents daily, and perhaps some very few updates manually (depending on resolution of requirements).  Documents will be retrieved by their position in the tree, plus some filtering on the metadata.

I was planning to deploy jackrabbit with a war that implements a simplified web service for the update process and the retrieval. The searching should not be very heavily used, peaking at a few calls per second, max.  I sold it to management with the promise of scaling up to a licensed implementation if/when necessary.

Couple million docs, terabyte of data, modest throughput, availability of upgrade path, easy backups.  From my reading/lurking, this sounds like a job for bundle persistence manager using H2 database.

Have I missed something?  Does this sound like a workable plan?

Thanks for comments