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From Rakesh Vidyadharan <rak...@sptci.com>
Subject Re: Filesystem versus PersistenceManager questions
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 20:49:11 GMT

On Dec 14, 2009, at 1:52 PM, ChadDavis <chadmichaeldavis@gmail.com>  

>>>>> 3) Is the Derby PM considered production worthy?  Any reason not  
>>>>> to use it?
>>>> Personal I trust derby as a low overhead database with zero
>>>> administration. It's not suitable if you have strong dba person  
>>>> which
>>>> she/he may lose job:) You may use other db if:
>>>> * Prepared to manage database.
>>>> * Multi connection required (embedded db using single connection  
>>>> always)
>>>> * Cluster your db
>>>> * Huge db size
>>>> * You application will use exist db along with jackrabbit
>>> What do you mean that the embedded db can only have a single
>>> connection?  If I run my repository in some server fashion, such as
>>> RMI or SPI, can I still connect to the repository from two
>>> applications at the same time?  Or is this the type of
>>> multi-connection you are talking about.
>> An embedded database is bound to a particular process, that is a  
>> single JackRabbit instance.  So, if you are running JR as a server,  
>> then other applications will be able to access the underlying data  
>> store via the JR server.
> So, the problem would be if I were using embedded Jackrabbit in my
> application?  In that case, I wouldn't be able to start another
> Jackrabbit up off of the same repo home?

Yes.  If you try to you will get a lock file exists exception in any  

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