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From sunild <sunil.dh...@coreobjects.com>
Subject Re: JackRabbit - InvalidItemState Exception
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:01:14 GMT
Hi Saurabh,
Actually each node is issuing a addNode() on root node.  This is where 
it is concurrent.
you need to use lock on root node bcoz, it is being used by multiple 
threads at a time.


Saurabh i-Logicon wrote:
> Hi,
> Our implementation uses a jackrabbit repository and has concurrent folder
> creations under the root node ins the same workspace. While doing so at
> times we hit InvalidItemStateException which ideally should imply concurrent
> modification of the same node. 
> However in ourcase each thread creates its own folder under the root node
> and then uploads some files into this folder seqeuntially, so I do not see a
> reason why concurrent would happen, unless and until the ceration of folder
> under the root node has something to do with changing some proerties of the
> root node.
> Is my understanding correct? If yes, apart from placing a lock on the node
> is there a way I can avoid the problem as locking would definitely induce a
> performance concern. Also placing the lock would not be an option as we do
> not want threads not a part of the lock to die out with a LockException or
> something similar.
> Would be interested to know if some options are available for my problem..
> Thank you

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