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From Alan Chaney <a...@writingshow.com>
Subject Practical limitations on the number of workspaces
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 00:00:44 GMT

I'm a complete newbie to using Jackrabbit. I'm designing a system in 
which I intend to manage a very large number of multimedia assets using 
JR workspaces as libraries. The library would have different node types 
depending upon the type of asset, which can be of various types, from a 
few lines of text to multi-megabyte binary files.

Sorry if the following appears a dumb question, but I haven't yet really 
got very much experience with the practical side of JR. I've read both 
JSR 170 and JSR 283 but reading the specs is no substitute for hands on 
practical experience. Ideally I'd experiment, but sadly I'm under a bit 
of time pressure and so I'm  hoping that people on this would be able to 
give me some advice.

In our application users have their own "workbench" which is like a 
playground in which they can experiment with assets. It seems to me that:

1. I could implement the domain objects for the workbench and use an ORM 
to persist the relationships between this domain objects. These would 
contain references to nodes in the library which would be JR and this 
would provide the information required to deliver the data to the user.


2. I could implement the "workbench" domain structure as jackrabbit 
nodes and have one workspace for each user. This may be 1000s of users 
(eventually). What are the practical limits on the number of jackrabbit 
workspaces - is it possible to have 100s or 1000s? The individual users 
workspaces would have references to some of the library items but the 
library would not have any references to the users items.


Alan Chaney

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