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From Sunil Dhage <sunil.dh...@coreobjects.com>
Subject Datastore problem
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:53:59 GMT

I have a problem regarding large binary files, which need to be versioned.

Because the nodes which hold the above said binary files, they were getting stored both at
workspace and versions.

After reading enough documentation, I could understand like i am missing datastore in my repository.xml,
which will be used to 
store files exceeding "minRecordLength" size and only references will be stored at workspace
and versionspace.

Then I have added datastore to my repository.xml.  Please find the repository.xml attached.

But the problem is now all of my binary files i.e. photos,documents are getting stored at
all the three locations.
1. Datastore
2. Workspaces,
3. Versions.
Please find the screen shot depicting the above scenario

Can you please let me know how to make only references get stored in workspaces and versions.
I am sure there might be some parameter which will govern when to store the content and when
to store the reference of the file, which got stored at datastore.

Awaiting your response.

/Sunil Dhage
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