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From LukashP <luka...@poczta.onet.pl>
Subject Jackrabbit performance tuning
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:02:12 GMT

I was wondering, what can be tuned in order to increase performance of 2
- fulltext search
- committing transactions

These are the 2 situations we are observing problems while performance
Many of the search threads log lines like (suggesting that cache is heavily
used, but thats not our application cache):

[01:45:33,890] [INFO ]
[http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][DocNumberCache.get()] size=136/1024,
#accesses=1001, #hits=0, #misses=1001, cacheRatio=0%
[01:46:29,328] [INFO ]
[http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][LRUNodeIdCache.contains()] num=0/10240
hits=0 miss=10000
[01:46:29,329] [INFO ] [http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][BundleCache.get()]
num=847 mem=8182k max=8192k avg=9893 hits=5000 miss=5000
[01:47:13,479] [INFO ] [http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][BundleCache.get()]
num=1030 mem=8191k max=8192k avg=8143 hits=22321 miss=17679
[01:47:14,388] [INFO ]
[http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][LRUNodeIdCache.contains()] num=0/10240
hits=0 miss=50000
[01:47:14,389] [INFO ] [http-8080-1][Rex,demu,081460110][BundleCache.get()]
num=1889 mem=5014k max=8192k avg=2718 hits=31151 miss=18849

The second problem is that if we have at least 5-10 threads that add new
documents to repo (or modify it), and they have like 5 file attachements,
size about 100k, commit operation lasts very long.

Our repository has about 10000 documents with 5 attachements, on average
150k for a single one. DB is MSSQL 2008 DB.

And actually the third problem is that, whatever I change in repository.xml
regarding performance, the changes not occur in application. For example I
changed MssqlPersistenceManager property to , but I still can read in log:
[BundleCache.get()] num=847 mem=8182k max=8192k.
So there is still default cache size at 8.
I also tried to change 		param name="cacheSize" value="20000" 
param name="resultFetchSize" value="200" 
of SearchIndex and that also does not do anything.
One would think I'm not changing the right file, but if i set the property
to non existent, I get an exception.

Please, help,
I'm getting desperate :)

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