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From Sergey Podatelev <brightnesslev...@gmail.com>
Subject FreeBSD indexing and lock file issues
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 10:56:24 GMT

We're having problems with Jackrabbit repository running on FreeBSD.

First, there's a stale index issue. New elements added to the tree
aren't shown in the queries results.
That is, if there's a tree of five "book" elements, the result of a
"//store//book" query returns five elements.

Then, two "book" nodes are added, one as a kid of one of existing
books, and one as a kid of that first one added.
Now, the "//store//book" query still returns just five elements. This
issue occurs on BSD (prod server) and is not well reproducible, and
was never experienced on Linux (dev server).
It looks like the index files aren't getting updated for some reason,
because after the index files are removed and the webserver is
restarted, (and the index is rebuilt), the query returns correct

Another problem is with the .lock file.
The repository is configured as a webapp bundle, and it's impossible
to redeploy the app because of the ".lock file is present" exception,
so each time the app needs to be redeployed, we have to stop the
webserver, remove the .lock file and then start the server again.

It seems that both problems might be somehow related to BSD's
filesystem peculiarities, since in first case  the index file isn't
being updated, and in the second case, the .lock file isn't being

I'd really appreciate any pointers on these two, because Jackrabbit
repo is the key part of the application we're working on, and while
the second issue isn't that critical, the first one is really a
blocker because it results in data inconsistency.

Thanks a bunch.


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