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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject Re: JCR vs relational database + Hibernate
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:57:47 GMT

On 12 Nov 2009, at 08:38, danisevsky wrote:

> Hallo, I am thinking about learning and using Jackrabbit instead of  
> (or
> with) relational database (+ Hibernate) in my new web application. I  
> would
> like to store some data to JCR (on filesystem) and some data to  
> database.
> But question is for which kind of data si better JCR. My opinion is  
> that
> data like photos, blogs, comments is better storage JCR and data  
> like users,
> roles, classifiers is better database.
> What do you think, is it right?

Yes, right :)

I/We have been following a similar route, put everything in JCR and  
build relational indexes via JPA where necessary. (we use Eclipse Link  
since it works on its own on OSGi, we also use Apache Sling since it  
already does 90% of what we need from a webapp).

So we have event listeners in JCR that trigger the indexing of items  
into relational tables via JPA. We can then query using JPA and  
retrieve sorted ordered list of pointers to items in JCR. I say we  
have this, but in fact we haven used it yet. Development has been  
going 6 months, we have close to 80% of the code us cases for the back  
end covered and all our query needs so far have been served by JCR  
queries. I am going to leave the functionality in place since who  
knows when someone might come up with  a massive relational join that  
cant be answered in JCR.

Looking back, I think the reason we haven't used it is we have taken  
time over modeling the structure of the content in JCR so that access  
is either direct, or there is sufficient metadata to allow JCR queries  
to work. The one massive benefit in all of this has been the  
assumption that we have no SQL schema and don't need to maintain all  
the code base that that entails. Everything is much more direct.

HTH (all IMHO)

> Thanks

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