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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Multiple users access to repository
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 08:55:45 GMT
hi simer

sorry. but i don't get what you are trying to do.
one time you want to create an implementation of the
user manager api and the next time you come up with
some sort of webdav issues...

i'm lacking the very basic overview of your problem
maybe some else can help you... but i don't get it
and - no offense meant - i get the impression that you
don't know it either.

please be more specific about what you are trying to
do, analyze what exact problem you are struggling
with and write problem descriptions that enable people
on the user list to help you.


 > Hello Users,
>                  I want to create more than one user in my repository. For
> this i started with Customizing the UserManager from    
> org.apache.jackrabbit.api.security.user.UserManager but that didn't work
> then i got new idea from friend and i need to confirm it you .
> Using SimpleWebdavServlet and customizing it 
> public class MyWebdavServlet extends SimpleWebdavServlet{
>     @Override
>     protected void service(HttpServletRequest arg0, HttpServletResponse
> arg1)
>             throws ServletException, IOException {
>         // TODO Auto-generated method stub
>         super.service(arg0, arg1);
> .....
> }
> from arg0 you can get user credentilas and url you entered in browser. So if
> we could manage to make redirection to another URL we can implement
> multiuser issue.
> We can match in this method what credentials user entered and then return to
> response another URL e.g.
> we got /jackrabbit-webapp-1.6.0/repository/default/ from request and put
> /jackrabbit-webapp-1.6.0/repository/default/USER1 to response where
> /jackrabbit-webapp-1.6.0/repository/default/USER1 - is our user node URL in
> the repository.
> Correct me if i' m wrong 
> Any help would be greatful
> Thanks,
> simer

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