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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject Re: Clustering-Issues
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:27:52 GMT

On 27 Oct 2009, at 16:38, Thomas Müller wrote:

> Hi,
>> two cluster nodes working for a while.
>> 100000 revisions in the datastore.
>> add a third cluster node
>> it's replaying 100000 journal entries
>> Is there a way of having the third (new) cluster node start at the  
>> latest
>> Global-Revision immediately?
> There seems to be a related feature:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-1087 - I'm not sure if this
> will solve the problem however (I don't really know this feature)

We have been running in production with a similar solution to  
JCR-1087. We have a perl script that creates a consistent snapshot of  
the local disk state (through repetitive rsyncs) and stores that  
snapshot on a central server.

When a new node comes up, it pulls the snapshot from the central  
server, adjusts some of the settings and starts the JVM up. At this  
point jackrabbit replays the part of the journal since the snapshot as  

When the snapshots are stored, we look into the local revisions file,  
extract the revision and store it. A separate process then deletes  
journal records from the database prior to the earliest snapshot,  
hence keeping the size of the journal down, and the startup time down.

The JVM's we use between 3 and 8 depending on the load at time are  
hosted on Xen based Linux virtual machines, and over the past 18  
months in production I believe we have recreated the JVM's many times  
with no problems (or at least not I've been told about).

Although the approach is a little agricultural and the repetitive  
rsync can take a while to get a solid snapshot (and we do sometimes  
get a bad one when the indexes are half way though some optimization),  
it woks with JR 1.4, and we get at least 3 parallel snapshots of the  
local node state at any one time (infact we keep several old versions  
for each node). The nice part is the JR startup script always starts  
form a snapshot so the startup time is always acceptable.

Looking at the comments on JCR-1087 it does some of the same things.


>> If I temporarily shut down the second cluster node I receive the  
>> following
>> error messages during synchronization at restarting this second node:
> I am not sure, it sounds like a bug... Could you create a Jira issue
> for this, together with a simple reproducible test case?
> Regards,
> Thomas

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