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From majohnst <m...@lattaoutdoors.com>
Subject Re: Date Property Performance in 1.6
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 18:27:27 GMT

I am using the ObjectContentManager to run my queries, so I am not able to
set the setLimit(1). I also thought that since I have an order by clause,
the order by clause would override anything the respect document order
property does.

The code for my query is:

ObjectContentManager manager ... (injected from parent)
String finalQuery = "//element(*,my:namespace)[@property='value' and
@datestart<=xs:dateTime('2009-09-24T11:53:23.293-05:00')] order by
@datestart descending"
ObjectIterator iter = (ObjectIterator) manager.getObjectIterator(finalQuery,

I then iterate over the ObjectIterator to grab the first result. Normally I
would use iter.skip() to jump to a particular page in the search results and
begin iterating from there.

The ObjectContentManager.getObjectIterator() ends up calling
getNodeIterator(). In getNodeIterator(), the code is:

Query jcrQuery = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery(query,
QueryResult queryResult = jcrQuery.execute();
NodeIterator nodeIterator = queryResult.getNodes();
return nodeIterator;

By stepping through the process, I can see that the major bottleneck happens
in the NodeIterator for the line:
QueryResult queryResult = jcrQuery.execute();

So I really think that is has something to do with the query and not the
other parts of the process. Plus, when the date field is not present in the
query, the iterations and other methods all work fine without a problem. 

Ard Schrijvers-3 wrote:
> <snip/>
>> In both the 1.5 and 1.6 sequential test, I only saw a minor performance
>> improvement in query time from query #1 to #2. But queries #2 to #20 all
>> had
>> the same query times. I am assuming that all the caching has warmed up
>> after
>> the first query.
> How many nodes are you querying? Did you try the setLimit(1), because
> then we know whether it is really the query that is slower.
> Furthermore, you do not have respectDocumentOrder set to true, as I
> think the response is so slow. OTOH, it might be that you are
> retrieving all the search results, so, you are in that case not
> testing the search but also the authorization of the nodes (or do you
> also iterate over the search results?).
> Regards Ard

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